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Stocking Stuffers for kids!

After an instagram poll, you guys wanted some stocking stuffer ideas!

These are my Top 9 picks of gifts that will stuff your stocking!

*click the images to shop! These are affiliate links. I do make a small commission at no charge to you*

  1. Play Dough accessories

There are many different options when it comes to play dough toys. Wooden, plastic, stamps, you name it! These would be great for a stocking stuffer surprise.


2. Number Popsicles

Who wouldn't want a stocking full of popsicles! These are one of my favorites toys to recommend. They are great for fine motor skills, colors, and numbers. My kids also pretend play ice cream shop with them.


3. Stickers

Stickers are always being played with in our house. I literally find them everywhere! The kids love them and they are the perfect little treat for inside your stocking. Sticker books are great too. You can make different scenes with them and re use the stickers. The foam stickers can double as a learning activity. You can practice letters and name recognition.


4. Mini animals

My kids love animals and little figures. They will play with them in play dough or wrap them up in foil and open them like a present! They make great bath tub toys and you can even hide them in easter eggs around the house for a fun hide and seek game.


5. Tattoos

Did you know that you can transfer temporary tattoos onto rocks!? You can!! We love using tattoos this way. It helps create a fun sensory and imaginative play for them. And of course, they still love wearing them too!

Here's an example of the tattoos on rocks!


6. Chalk markers

Chalk markers have been a new favorite of ours. If you follow us on instagram you may have seen in stories how the kids use them to color the windows. Our back sliding door is a constant easel but with the markers being washable I let them go to town! I recommend the Chalkola brand since they are washable. If you use the code ENTERTAIN10 you can get 10% off your purchase!


7. Toothbrushes

Yes, I said toothbrushes! Maybe my kids are odd but they love getting a new toothbrush. It doesn't matter if it's dinosaur shaped, plain, or character themed, they love them! And if your child doesn't like brushing their teeth, maybe getting a fun new toothbrush from Santa could help. The first ones I'm going to share with you are probably my kids favorite. They look like crayons and they have a suction cup on the bottom to make them stand. We have them on constant re order through amazon subscriptions.


8. Water books

These books are great to bring out during car rides. You fill the marker with water and then as you color, a picture appears. It dries and then you can use them again and again. My son loves these and they keep him occupied.


9. Water balloons

I know what you thinking, it's winter, who needs water balloons. Even if you live somewhere cold you know you're going to get that one nice day and you'll thank me for having them. While water balloons are short lived they bring kids so much joy! These ones you can connect straight to the hose and fill up in seconds!


I hope you enjoyed our Top 9 stocking stuffer gift ideas! Post your favorite in the comments below.

Check out my friday favorites tab on instagram for more gift ideas!


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