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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Usborne Books Shopping Link

In this link you can shop for Usborne books any time you want!

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I love toys and products we love! Here you can find our crafts and

toys we play and create with!

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Homer Learning App

Homer is a personalized learning app for ages 2-8. You choose your

child's interests and the app will curate special learning games

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Tubby Todd

We have used these products close to 5 years now and love them! They

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  • Writer's pictureKari McManamon

Do your kids love magnets? Do your kids love legos? Well, I've found the perfect toy for you!! These amazing lego magnet tiles are from Magbrix They will connect with other brands of magnetic tiles so you can use them with what you already have! We have been able to play with our duplo sets and lego sets with these Magbrix

I built this rainbow on a wobble board to show how strong the magnet tiles connect together and how well they connect to the legos.

Here is a tower we built from our magnet tiles and Magbrix set!!

Our Duplo characters need a brick to stand on to connect with the tiles. This was fun because we were able to turn in into a counting game for my toddler. I placed each character on a different amount of blocks and together we counted how tall they were. The possibilities with Magbrix are truly endless!!


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  • Writer's pictureKari McManamon

The target dollar section strikes again! These little gingerbread houses were so much fun to make. The kids having been playing with them now for weeks. I had originally wanted to fizz them with baking soda and vinegar, but I couldn't bring myself to ruin them.

In this post I'll walk you through how I made them and how my kids have been playing with them.

*this post may contain affiliate links where I make a small commission at no charge to you*

How I made them

I started off by painting them with my favorite acrylic paint. Once they were dry I used a chalk marker to outline the roof and door. I hot glued on some pom poms I had lying around and voila! Easy peasy gingerbread houses. For how much the kids have played with them I'm impressed as to how well the pom poms have stayed on.


Wooden houses

Chalk markers

Hot glue gun

If my kids ask, I didn't actually make these houses, Yellow the Elf did. I (he) worked on them while the kids were sleeping so they had no idea. I'm all about simple elf on the shelf ideas so after the gingerbread houses were finished I sat Yellow next to them for the kids to find! Max was so excited to find these houses in the morning. Evelyn doesn't really understand what's going on with elf yet. Maybe next year.

So lets get to talking about how we played with them!

Small world play

My mom had just given us this sweet red Christmas house so the gingerbread houses made the perfect addition. There was stuff scattered all over the table! Max had so much fun playing with this Christmas set up. I don't have any photos of it but some superheroes showed up to the party too! I love watching their imaginations soar with small world set ups. It's so cute listening to the storyline they make up.

Light the house

This was a fun fine motor activity that was played over and over again. I had found these little Christmas lights from a craft store and they fit perfectly inside the houses. I gave Evelyn a bowl of them and told her to light the house up! She had fun picking out different colors and placing them in the windows.

These houses were super fun to make and I hope I can find more in the dollar section at Target. Let me know in the comments the fun finds you've found at Target this holiday season.


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