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Create with Magbrix!!

Do your kids love magnets? Do your kids love legos? Well, I've found the perfect toy for you!! These amazing lego magnet tiles are from Magbrix They will connect with other brands of magnetic tiles so you can use them with what you already have! We have been able to play with our duplo sets and lego sets with these Magbrix

I built this rainbow on a wobble board to show how strong the magnet tiles connect together and how well they connect to the legos.

Here is a tower we built from our magnet tiles and Magbrix set!!

Our Duplo characters need a brick to stand on to connect with the tiles. This was fun because we were able to turn in into a counting game for my toddler. I placed each character on a different amount of blocks and together we counted how tall they were. The possibilities with Magbrix are truly endless!!


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