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Christmas Play Dough Activities

Play dough is one of our favorite plays. It's something I enjoy as much as the kids. We have had a lot of fun making some Christmas themed play dough plays. Check them out below!

Play Dough Cookies

Christmas always brings out the cookie baking! We've found more use for these cookies cutters than just edible cookies. They make the perfect play dough stamps! Max probably sat here for an hour "making" cookies. If you follow us on instagram he made a cute video on stories talking about how he made these for his Grammas and Papas for the holidays. He was having a blast! This activity is easy to set up and has been set up over and over again.


Jingle Bell Balance

This is another super easy activity to set up and is great for fine motor skills. Stick some golf tees in play dough and have your child try and balance a jingle bell on top. We did this over the summer with pom poms and it was fun to make a festive version. My kids are 4 & 2 and are both able to do this (just keep a close eye as jingle bells can be a choking hazard if your child likes to put things in their mouth) The look of concentration in these photos is priceless! I love watching their little minds work.


Play Dough Presents

This activity was super fun and Evelyn played for dayssss! I wrapped little wooden toys in play dough and put a pipe cleaner bow on top to look like a present. She opened them over and over again. If you check out my instagram you can see how we turned it into a learning game!



The possibilities for this activity are endless! Since it's Christmas time I chose 3 ways to decorate in a festive way. Ornaments, ugly sweater and a Christmas tree.

For the ornaments I mixed in some Christmas mini erasers. My kids love shoving mini erasers in play dough. These wooden ornaments are a nice little base to play on. We did this at Halloween with wooden pumpkins The ugly sweater I cut out with a knife and paired it with little plastic Christmas pieces. If you use a kitchen towel you can press down on the play dough to give it a sweater look. Kind of hard to tell in this photo. A knife was also used to shape the tree. I gave the kids lights and jingle bells to decorate. We have used these little lights in a lot of activities lately. Activities like these help spark imagination and are great for fine motor skills.


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