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Elf on the shelf ideas!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Do you need simple Elf on the shelf ideas? Don't worry, I got you!! Here are 3 simple ideas to help get you started!

  1. Minion bananas

If your kids love minions you have got to try this one! Max thought this was hilarious. All I did was take a black marker and draw minion characters onto bananas. Then I made it look like it was all Yellow who did it (Yellow is our Elf's name) This barely took anytime to set up. And after a long day home with kids, I need simple!


2. Elf in underpants

This one would be fun no matter how old your child but even better if you're in the midst of potty training! We had a shelf above our toilet and I put Yellow in a pair of Max's underpants. He saw him first thing in the morning and was cracking up!


3. Ribbon hanging

You can tie ribbon to almost anything and get your elf to hang. Our old house had two lights above our counter which made for a great hanging spot. Keeping him up high is key with little ones. This year is gonna be hard with my super climber of a 2 year old! She's not quite old enough to understand not touching him and she climbs on everything! Wish us luck!


We will be posting all of Yellow's adventures this year on our instagram page. Be sure to follow along!


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