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  • Kari McManamon

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

These are Evelyn's top 5 toy picks!

Her first pick is this Leap Frog tea set. She's had this since she was one and still loves it. The songs are catchy and she can practice her colors with the cake pieces. This toy also helps in pretend and imaginative play.


These puzzles from Melissa & Doug are great. We have had them since Max was little. They are perfect for little fingers practicing fine motor skills. Evelyn loves animals so these puzzles are well loved right now.


These maga-qubix magnets from magna tiles are a huge hit with both kid right now! Evelyn loves to stack them and since they are magnetic they are less likely to fall over. Not as many meltdowns playing with these lol They are on the smaller size so make sure to supervise if your little is playing with them. Evelyn is pretty good at not sticking toys in her mouth but Max would not have been able to play with these when he was her age.


This dinosaur we actually scored from a garage sale! It's been a great addition to our play room. It sings songs and we can practice colors while feeding it.


More magnet fun! These magnets by Melissa & Doug are my personal favorite for refrigerator magnets. They are nice and big so no worries about choking. We have both these plus princesses, shapes and dinosaurs. There are so many different ones to pick from.

Make sure to click on the images so you can shop Evelyn's favorite toy picks!

*For more toy ideas be sure to check out our amazon storefront!

*For play ideas with some of these toys check us out on instagram!

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  • Kari McManamon

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Fizzy Turkey

If you've followed us on instagram for a while you know that Max loves fizzy experiments. We have tons of silicone molds we usually use for them but we looked and looked and could not find a turkey mold. So I decided to get crafty and make my own!

I hot glued strips of cardboard to make the turkey feathers 3 dimensional. Once it was dry we got to experimenting! I filled each feather with baking soda and a drop of food coloring. Then I gave Max some vinegar and his dropper and let him fizz the turkey!

*Tip* mix the vinegar with some water to help extend the life of your vinegar. If you love fizzy experiments as much as us you will go through plenty of vinegar lol

#preschoolscience #thanksgivingactivities


Color The Turkey

This was a coding activity I made for Max. Super simple to make! I started by drawing a turkey and labeling the feathers. I then made a color code. When Max rolled the dice we counted the numbers and then found which color it matched up to. I'm excited to make more activities like this. There are so many ways you can do it and adjust to the age of your child.

*For more fun Thanksgiving activities follow us on instragram!

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  • Kari McManamon

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Play dough turkey

Evelyn loves play dough activities so it was just fitting that we made a turkey! I used our favorite Whimsical Dough play dough to make the turkey. The feathers I rolled out with a rolling pin and the body I used a knife to help shape it. I'm no play dough design expert and have to say this was pretty easy to make.

The play dough stamps were a fun diy make! I got the idea from a good friend on instagram. I used an applesauce pouch cap and hot glued on a decorative pasta shape. It was the perfect size for little fingers.

Click on the turkey image to get yourself some of your own Whimsical Dough play dough.

#diy #playdough #toddleractivities #instagram


Feed The Turkey

The was a fun #diy turkey make! I used an old coffee creamer bottle to make this. I drew on a turkey face and taped on some construction paper feathers. Then I let Evelyn "feed" him some chickpeas. I had colored these chickpeas with paint a couple months back and we have gotten tons of play out of them! I recently made white ones aka snowballs, that I will be sharing soon.

We love using the bowls from Re-play in our activities. There are so many colors to choose from and they make the perfect containers for sensory plays. Click on the image to shop their bowls!

*small parts may pose a choking hazard. Always supervise*

For more fun toddler activities follow us on instagram!

#finemotorskills #holidayactivities #toddleractivities

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